Basic information about backup

At home, hardly anyone pays attention to the systematic archiving of data, and yet making copies of files on a second hard disk or burning them onto CD / DVD is a sufficient minimum.
In companies, the situation is much better, administrators generally are aware of the possibility of data loss due to disk failure or virus attack, but spending money on systems for archiving are still not given priority. You do not always need to buy expensive hardware or backup software. Relatively recently, growing availability of broadband has increased interest in storing all important data outside the home or business by using on-line backup systems.
Important information that is collected on the hard disks of computers, you must protect against accidental or intentional damage. It does this by creating so-called backup on removable media (CD/DVD, magnetic tape) or other storage. You can do this manually or automatically. In the second case dealt with the program installed on your system, which collects data for archiving and sends them in a fixed location. Because you don’t always have the appropriate hardware and software, some companies have proposed that they will keep on sending these data via the Internet.  Backup Management at


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