Backup Data Ltd can help you look after all your IT needs.

We specialise in IT support, Systems administration, backups, networking and internet services.

Backup Data Ltd can provide you with:

General IT support:
• Regular reviews of computers, servers, network status.
• Updates, configuration, and maintenance of the operating system and the software on workstations and servers.
• Work on changes in the network configuration and software.
• Administering application servers and Internet connectivity, to provide continuous operation.
• Telephone support.
• Instant remote troubleshooting most problems with software by “Remote Desktop”.
• Supervision over the procedures related to the creation of a security and virus protection.
• Advice for the choice of ICT solutions, as well as in determining the configuration and technical specifications of the purchased for the purpose of client computer hardware.
• Preferential rates when you purchase hardware.
• Periodic cleaning and maintenance of computers, devices.
• Check the status of disks on a regular basis and informed of the possibility of failure.
• Repair of computer equipment.
• Hardware replacement in the event of failure.
• Monitor network load and ensure it is functioning at within capacity.

High-quality business Internet services:
• Data Centre rack space for your servers.
• Dedicated servers (Windows, Linux, Free BSD).
• Virtual servers.
• E-mail.
• FTP.
• Preferential rates on the Internet connection and domains.
• Design of optimal solutions for company selection the relevant service or solutions to reduce costs and gain maximum performance.

Backup management services:
We customise our solutions to our clients’ needs, allowing a flexible approach to how your backups are stored and where.

• Data can be stored on our SAN / NAS hardware within the Merula data centre.
• We can store data locally on your own hardware.
• Or a combination of local and data centre storage.

We care about your data. Our main aim is to look after your business! We believe in robust simple solutions. We can make your data safe and easily recoverable.

Our leading and unique solution is called “Peace of mind”. If you accidentally delete a file or have a catastrophic failure we will get you back in business as soon as possible. (Please call for more information).
We offer a Continuous Data Protection service, meaning incremental backups are taken so if data is lost, it will be minutes worth, rather than days or weeks. We offer 3 different locations, just chose one of our US, Switzerland or United Kingdom data centres.


Cheap router with proxy

In our office we were using Linksys RV042 as good solution for internet router/VPN office gateway, but last week the PSU died, quickly we put old PC in that place with PfSense and everything was fine, just it was noisy and hot. We experiment with embedded backup device  so we use couple of old mini ITX PCs, decision was quick:  let’s make router based on one of thin client pcs, so we used what we had in hand

  • Mini ITX PC – Via C7 1Ghz 256Mb (£25) 
  • 8GB memory stick (no idea, it was on one of the desk, but probably about £8)
  • USB 1 to RJ45 LAN Network Fast 100Mbps Ethernet Adapter  (£3.20)
  • Embedded PfSense 2 RC1 4GB img (you can download it here)

Insted of searching the net for reliable router for about £100 – £200 we have it for about £40 and few minutes of configuration, now  we can enjoy faster internet in the office, the longest part of it was to save PfSense img on USB stick, it takes few long minutes 🙂