SC Magazine: A new study from Cyber Stre

SC Magazine: A new study from Cyber Streetwise reveals that Britons are using more passwords than a year ago, but warns that most of these are not complex and thus easier to crack.
The figures revealed that 75 percent of Britons admit that they do not follow best practice by using complex passwords, with almost half (47 percent) relying on unsafe password habits such as pet names or significant dates.

To add to this insecurity, over a third (35 percent) admitted that they do not create strong passwords because they struggle to remember them and this could increasingly become an issue with 82 percent of people saying that they are managing more online accounts than a year ago.

According to the Cyber Streetwise figures, the average Briton now uses 19 passwords on a regular basis.
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Grants in the form of Connection Voucher

Grants in the form of Connection Vouchers worth up to £3,000 are available now to any eligible small or medium sized business, and can also be obtained by registered charities, social enterprises or sole traders. Successful applicants can use the money – available on a first-come, first-served basis – to pay for the capital or equipment costs of getting better, more stable and faster connections. Applicants can even club together with their vouchers, combining the amount of funding available to improve a connection to a shared building, street or business park.

To make the scheme as simple and beneficial as possible, applicants only need to obtain one quote from a broadband supplier when they apply for their Connection Voucher, and applications can be made online.

Keep e-Phishing at Bay – K7 Security Blog

A thus far undisclosed, potentially serious security flaw has been discovered on eBay according to BBC News. Hackers were apparently successful in exploiting a weakness on eBay’s website that enabled them to multi-redirect customers, via a landing page listing iPhones, to phishing pages purporting to be those of eBay so as to steal their login credentials.

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