White paper: The Business Value of a Comprehensive All-in-One Data Protection Solution for Your Organization

You have critical data scattered throughout your organization-on back-office servers, desktops, mobile endpoints outside your firewall, and even in public clouds like Google Apps and Microsoft Office 365. What steps have you taken to ensure none of that critical data will be lost? If you are like many organizations, you have deployed a hodge-podge of heterogeneous data protection solutions over the years as new data sources were added. The result is that you now have an overall, organization-wide data protection system that is highly complex. Even worse, you really can’t be certain that you don’t have serious data protection gaps somewhere in your organization. You could maintain the status quo and hope disaster will not strike. But this white paper offers a better plan: a single, comprehensive data protection solution that gives you transparent visibility and complete control over all your corporate data sources.

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