Windows 10; backup before… restore later… or just backup before you f*** up.

Friday 31 of July 2015, very slow day, no support calls well maybe some. About noon I was so bored that I decided to install Windows 10, especially that my colleague downloaded ISO (Installation CD) file.

Without too long hesitation I decided to upgrade my main laptop to Windows 10.  I should say that my laptop is quite fast machine: Intel i7, 8GB of RAM, 500GB SSD.

I started the upgrade process and everything was sweet, about 90% into installation, I went to a bank, I was really bored, and watching the blue installation screen of Windows did not help.  When I got back to the office after about 30min, I saw the login screen, hurrah! Finally I could log in. Login in into Active Directory for the first time on  freshly upgraded operating system is always time consuming process,  I was patient, it took about 10 to 15min and I saw my desktop icons, uh…

The only problem was that my keyboard and mouse did not work,  ok, I took the laptop of my docking station, screen got blank… ok lets put it back then. Connected it back to the docking station, yuppie! I could see my icons, hold on, keyboard and mouse still do not work,.

I decided to wait, maybe there is file migration going on or something, well there could be at least some message, the disk activity LED did not do anything. After about 30min, I started pressing buttons, nothing…

Rebooted it. Login screen again, again long waiting to see anything… no icons, no data, after about 2 hours of searching and checking installation logs, I was ready to restore my data. Thankfully I have very good backup!!! Restored it, then restarted the laptop, the data vanished again, no desktop icons, no Documents, grr… at that point I begun to look into creating new Active Domain user, after few more hours during weekend I knew that Windows 10 downloaded form Microsoft servers, installed on Volume License version of Windows 7 did not worked… called Microsoft, after about 1hour on the phone I had enough.

Started restore image of my previous Windows 7 Pro, after about 1 hour everything was just like it was on Friday before I made the terrible decision to install Windows 10.

Maybe I did something wrong, I don’t know, I wasn’t able to learn anything from Microsoft Support.


I just lost few hours, or I just gained another experience. But because I backup  my files regularly , settings, PC image etc. (The backup software does it for me)  I was able to restore everything to previous state.

For all of you who are installing Windows 10 we will provide our backup solutions for half price!


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General IT support:
• Regular reviews of computers, servers, network status.
• Updates, configuration, and maintenance of the operating system and the software on workstations and servers.
• Work on changes in the network configuration and software.
• Administering application servers and Internet connectivity, to provide continuous operation.
• Telephone support.
• Instant remote troubleshooting most problems with software by “Remote Desktop”.
• Supervision over the procedures related to the creation of a security and virus protection.
• Advice for the choice of ICT solutions, as well as in determining the configuration and technical specifications of the purchased for the purpose of client computer hardware.
• Preferential rates when you purchase hardware.
• Periodic cleaning and maintenance of computers, devices.
• Check the status of disks on a regular basis and informed of the possibility of failure.
• Repair of computer equipment.
• Hardware replacement in the event of failure.
• Monitor network load and ensure it is functioning at within capacity.

High-quality business Internet services:
• Data Centre rack space for your servers.
• Dedicated servers (Windows, Linux, Free BSD).
• Virtual servers.
• E-mail.
• FTP.
• Preferential rates on the Internet connection and domains.
• Design of optimal solutions for company selection the relevant service or solutions to reduce costs and gain maximum performance.

Backup management services:
We customise our solutions to our clients’ needs, allowing a flexible approach to how your backups are stored and where.

• Data can be stored on our SAN / NAS hardware within the Merula data centre.
• We can store data locally on your own hardware.
• Or a combination of local and data centre storage.

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Our leading and unique solution is called “Peace of mind”. If you accidentally delete a file or have a catastrophic failure we will get you back in business as soon as possible. (Please call for more information).
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