Asigra Wins Silver in the Backup and Disaster Recovery category in the Storage Magazine 2015 Products of the Year Awards

We’re proud to announce that Asigra has been named the Silver winner of the Storage Magazine 2015 Products of the Year awards. Asigra won the award for its proprietary backup and recovery solution, Asigra Cloud Backup Version 13, based on a range of data protection capabilities including Docker Container support and AWS EBS Snapshot Manager.

Storage Magazine

Both Docker and AWS are highly popular computing platforms that are emerging as credible storage platforms for business information and Asigra is one of the first enterprise software vendors to add support for these platforms.

Asigra was praised by judges for being early to market with the new capabilities. One judge noted that in addition to being “very inexpensive,” the Asigra Cloud Backup software is unique in its automatic protection of Docker containers and its ability to manage AWS EBS snapshots.

This is the third year in a row where Asigra Cloud Backup™ has placed in the top three positions for the Storage Magazine Product of the Year award amongst a high caliber of the world’s top data protection solutions. Backup with Asiga:


What you need to know about SaaS protection.

  • Introduction to Jason Buffington and his role at ESG
  • Why data from SaaS applications like Salesforce, Google Apps and Office 365 requires protection
  • Why most backup and recovery solutions DO NOT backup SaaS applications
  • Why being responsible for your own data is the only option you have
  • The 3 realities for backup admins in a SaaS World


ESG Video Brief- How To Protect SaaS with Jason Buffington

Benefits of Online Backup for Businesses

Article by Gloria Philips 

Online backup is highly important for all kinds of businesses in order to attain effectiveness. It makes them rather cost effectives gradually and tends to be a good way to regain backup. This is often implied by businesses and serves to be simple and can be easily used in times of need. Businesses are meant to have greatly dedicated personnel’s for this and all the access to technology along with immense hiring power on order to gain benefit from this method. When it comes to overall backup, businesses can actually be divided into two different groups. These options basically involve on-site and off-site storage. These days’ online users can take the advantage of a remote or managed backup facility over the internet. Actually, this is what online backup is. People can easily gain these services by active online backup service providers in order to enjoy the numerous benefits of this excellent method.

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Backup Data Ltd can help you look after all your IT needs.

We specialise in IT support, Systems administration, backups, networking and internet services.

Backup Data Ltd can provide you with:

General IT support:
• Regular reviews of computers, servers, network status.
• Updates, configuration, and maintenance of the operating system and the software on workstations and servers.
• Work on changes in the network configuration and software.
• Administering application servers and Internet connectivity, to provide continuous operation.
• Telephone support.
• Instant remote troubleshooting most problems with software by “Remote Desktop”.
• Supervision over the procedures related to the creation of a security and virus protection.
• Advice for the choice of ICT solutions, as well as in determining the configuration and technical specifications of the purchased for the purpose of client computer hardware.
• Preferential rates when you purchase hardware.
• Periodic cleaning and maintenance of computers, devices.
• Check the status of disks on a regular basis and informed of the possibility of failure.
• Repair of computer equipment.
• Hardware replacement in the event of failure.
• Monitor network load and ensure it is functioning at within capacity.

High-quality business Internet services:
• Data Centre rack space for your servers.
• Dedicated servers (Windows, Linux, Free BSD).
• Virtual servers.
• E-mail.
• FTP.
• Preferential rates on the Internet connection and domains.
• Design of optimal solutions for company selection the relevant service or solutions to reduce costs and gain maximum performance.

Backup management services:
We customise our solutions to our clients’ needs, allowing a flexible approach to how your backups are stored and where.

• Data can be stored on our SAN / NAS hardware within the Merula data centre.
• We can store data locally on your own hardware.
• Or a combination of local and data centre storage.

We care about your data. Our main aim is to look after your business! We believe in robust simple solutions. We can make your data safe and easily recoverable.

Our leading and unique solution is called “Peace of mind”. If you accidentally delete a file or have a catastrophic failure we will get you back in business as soon as possible. (Please call for more information).
We offer a Continuous Data Protection service, meaning incremental backups are taken so if data is lost, it will be minutes worth, rather than days or weeks. We offer 3 different locations, just chose one of our US, Switzerland or United Kingdom data centres.

Basic information about backup

At home, hardly anyone pays attention to the systematic archiving of data, and yet making copies of files on a second hard disk or burning them onto CD / DVD is a sufficient minimum.
In companies, the situation is much better, administrators generally are aware of the possibility of data loss due to disk failure or virus attack, but spending money on systems for archiving are still not given priority. You do not always need to buy expensive hardware or backup software. Relatively recently, growing availability of broadband has increased interest in storing all important data outside the home or business by using on-line backup systems.
Important information that is collected on the hard disks of computers, you must protect against accidental or intentional damage. It does this by creating so-called backup on removable media (CD/DVD, magnetic tape) or other storage. You can do this manually or automatically. In the second case dealt with the program installed on your system, which collects data for archiving and sends them in a fixed location. Because you don’t always have the appropriate hardware and software, some companies have proposed that they will keep on sending these data via the Internet.  Backup Management at

Examples regarding the required upload times

The resulting data is stored server-side respectively in 7 day, 4 weeks and 3 months backups. The recommended memory requirements and the approximate duration of backup is shown in the following tables.

Small data sets

There is data traffic of small businesses or individuals. The bandwidth is achieved with an ADSL connection.

Data Change Bandwidth Initial Delta Backup space
1 Gigabyte 7% 100 kilobits / s 22 h 45 min 1 h 35 min 3 gigabytes
2 Gigabyte 7% 300 kbit / s 15 h 10 min 1 h 03 min 6 gigabytes
3 gigabytes 7% 500 kilobits / s 13 h 39 min 0 h 57 min 9 gigabytes
5 gigabytes 7% 1,000 kilobits / s 11 h 22 min 0 h 47 min 15 GB

Mean data sets

Here is data volume of data-intensive small businesses and medium sized businesses. The bandwidths are a sdsl connection achieved.

Data Change Bandwidth Initial Delta Backup space
10 gigabytes 6% 2 megabits / s 11 h 22 min 0 h 40 min 29 Gigabytes
20 Gigabyte 6% 4 megabits / s 11 h 22 min 0 h 40 min 57 Gigabyte
30 gigabytes 6% 4 megabits / s 17 h 04 min 1 h 01 min 86 Gigabyte
50 GB 6% 8 Megabit / s 14 h 13 min 0 h 51 min 142 GB

Large data sets

Here is data volume of data-intensive medium-sized businesses or large enterprises. The bandwidths can be achieved only via a fiber optic connection.

Data Change Bandwidth Initial Delta Backup space
100 GB 5% 20 megabits / sec 11 h 22 min 0 h 34 min 270 GB
200 GB 5% 50 megabits / sec 9 h 06 min 0 h 27 min 540 GB
300 gigabytes 5% 50 megabits / sec 13 h 39 min 0 h 40 min 810 GB
500 gigabytes 4% 100 megabits / sec 11 h 22 min 0 h 27 min 1:28 Terabyte
1 terabyte 4% 100 megabits / sec 22 h 45 min 0 h 54 min 2:56 Terabyte

Comments on the information

For the preparation of the above information was make certain assumptions. Depending on the type of data, the data can be significantly lower, it is the backup time, the required backup space, or bandwidth. The following list provides information about possible optimization potential:

  • Compression of data for transport
  • Compression of data for storage
  • Higher upload bandwidth, such as sdsl