Passwords – Hashes to Ashes (by K7)

This is the fourth part of the blog series on cyber security, continuing from its third part on Scareware, RogueAV and Ransomware, focussing on the dangers of choosing weak passwords and the consequences of recycling the same password across different online accounts, and a few tips on how to determine a suitably strong password.

In today’s digital age, people’s lives seem to revolve around passwords.  Passwords to online portals play an important role in securing access to a user’s online information, whether financial, professional or personal. Hence, users are perennially advised to always secure their accounts with strong passwords.

Many online portals alert users about inadequate password strength when setting up the login credentials for a user account.  Some online portals may even enforce strong password before the account is set up. Users must consider password depth while deciding on an account’s password to avoid their passwords being hacked easily.

From a security perspective, using the same password for a user’s multiple accounts is dangerous, both for personal accounts as well as in a professional environment.  In this case a hacker need hack only one account to have the credentials to have access to the victim’s other accounts and the sensitive information held therein.


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Everyone has experienced this at least once in their life…

Your password is 30 days old. Please enter new password:
– rose

Password too short.
– red rose

Password has to have at least one numeric character.
– 1 red rose

Password cannot contain spaces.
– 1redrose

Password has to contain at least 10 different characters.
– 1shittyredrose

Password has to contain at least one capital letter.
– 1SHITTYredrose

Password cannot contain successive capital letters.
– 1Shittyredrose

Password has to have more than 20 characters

Password has already been used.