Zombie? Do your backup first… :)

Recent reports say that today in Cambridge city center there will be a gathering of the living dead. People will be transformed into real zombies. People are not aware of the danger that it can still cause for living people. The process of transformation from human to zombie is just a bite! Unfortunately, the transformation gets rid of the unfortunate’s own brain. And thus, all the information will be lost. Remember! Before leaving your house today, opt for a complete backup of your data, whether it is your computer or your brain.



Reflections on the IP Expo 2011

IP Expo located in Earls Court in London features the latest technology and innovations in areas like networking, storage, virualization etc. Obviously BACKUP DATA LTD team were there to keep pace with the latest ideas and solutions in IT world. Basically there were a lot of exhibitors and not much news that would have caught our eyes. Nevertheless, we have established new contacts, which will in the near future expand the portfolio of our services. We’re going to sell additional services from companies such as ESET Security Solutions and Acronis, but the most interesting solution was Recovery Shield Backup from Orbit Software Group, which in conjunction with our backup services should create quite a good co-operation. Visiting the exhibit was an enjoyable experience for us. Next year we definitely will be there, hopefully with bigger BACK UP DATA team.
Here are a few photos and we will try to place a video with the very entertaining robot, which was the most funny attraction in the IP Expo exhibition.

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